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Locawo Gründer Thomas Wiechel

Hello from the far north,

I warmly welcome you to my young shop for low carb products. My name is Thomas, I am 41 years old and until the beginning of the year I was the professional manager of a medium-sized artisan bakery with around 150 employees.

In the following lines I would like to invite you to find out the story behind Locawo. In the end you will experience how I combined the successful nutritional approach of a carbohydrate deficit with the delicious taste of grains.

I thought for a long time whether I would reveal the following very personal and intimate information to you. Today I can say it feels right. Because maybe I can motivate you and others.

Review: The needle on my scale showed a whopping 178 kg at the tip!!! This was the case a few months ago... It's crazy when I think about it while writing. With a body height of 182 cm, the diagnosis is matter-of-fact and dry: “morbid obesity, grade 3”. The physical impairment has now become so severe that maintaining social contacts has become noticeably more difficult and private activities no longer take place when viewed in the light . In the final act, it is worth mentioning that important medications had to keep the ever-increasing blood pressure under control. I had arrived there. That was my life as an overweight person...

It feels good when I symbolically look over my shoulder and now understand how much of a successful journey already behind me. Today, around 7 months later, my scales only show 132 kg. I quickly took out the slide rule... tap... tap... tap... I lost around 46 kg of weight in a short period of time. A really great result for me. Because I actually achieved this completely without sacrificing enjoyment and joy of life. How is this possible?

In addition to supportive stomach surgery, the good old calorie deficit is and remains the only effective method of choice, like many well-known ones and professional nutritionists still explain it today. Complete! That's it. So far I haven't needed anything more.

But as we all know, the devil is in the details.

"Calorie deficit" is the very word that a large group of people - myself included - mean with "not tasty”, “permanent abstinence”, “changes in habits” and other negative feelings. Please don’t misunderstand. There are many delicious low-carb dishes that I eat regularly myself, without question. I still share the opinion that a change in diet is the essential and, above all, most sustainable prerequisite for lasting success in weight loss.

Still: "In the long term - almost forever - to avoid grain products?" No, that was for me - as a passionate one Baker – just not an option. There it was, the balancing act between a healthy life and foregoing the pleasure experience. If you choose one path, you have to give up the other. Something inside me said, "This can't be the only way!" And so this urge arose to start right here and finally develop a low-carb flour that is actually in no way inferior to a grain flour. A flour from which you can conjure up delicious baked goods that taste like wheat and can help me sustainably with my diet by reducing carbohydrates. It should support me in my diet by no longer avoiding common grain products such as pasta or bread and rolls, but consciously replacing them with products made with my flour if I feel the pleasure of these foods. That's it!

Two years ago, driven by my idea, I started development work and tinkered for months until my family presented the first prototypes got. Today I can report to you with a smile that I had moderate success. But I didn't give up and months later the time had come. Seeing the sparkle in my family's eyes as they took a bite of the bread and twisted the pasta on their forks, was a great moment. I still get goosebumps now. Let me tell you this much: we ate everything completely. Without any regrets wink

I have used my low carb flour for baking and cooking throughout my diet in order to effectively save calories , without having to forego the taste of grain products. I simply told myself - bake whatever I wanted.

Below I have attached a small picture for you, in which you can see exactly why my low carb flour looks like grain tastes great and still has an impressive 80% fewer carbohydrates.

So now I've dribbled enough (as we northern lights say). Feel free to take a look around my shop and contact me at any time if you have any questions.

One ​​last tip from me if you want something quick. Very soon I will gradually be adding ready-baked products to my shop, such as bread, rolls and other pastries. Maybe there is something suitable for you.

Kind regards, your 

Unterschrift Thomas

The Locawo principle

Eat a low-carb diet - but don't miss out on the good taste!

Das Locawo Prinzip