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Creator discount

Exclusive Creator discount during the entire period of our collaboration.

Discount code & affiliate link

You will receive a personal discount code and a affiliate link to share with your followers .


You get access to the Locawo - Creator area. Check 24 / 7 your commission for every sale generated via your personal discount code and affiliate link.

Increasing commission

Your performance will be rewarded. The more often your discount code is redeemed or your affiliate link is clicked, your commission level increases.

Bring this with you.

You create content

to food - especially diets low carb, high protein, high fiber, sugar free or on topics such as fitness, health, cooking , baking and lifestyle.

Your community

has grown organically and comes from Germany and Austria.


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Our Creator Support is here for you:

You have complete flexibility to publish content and include your unique discount code or affiliate link, on your own schedule. The more often your discount code is redeemed or your affiliate link is clicked, the higher your percentage commission will be. The redemptions of your code are recorded live and made available to you transparently 24/7 in your customer account on During the time we work together, you will receive a permanent shopping discount with us. So you can order all Locawo delicacies directly from our shop to your home at any time and advertise the products of your choice with your code. Once a certain amount of sales is generated through your content, we can also provide you with additional codes upon request. This means you can use your different discount codes in your content even more flexibly. For example at Christmas or Easter time. We give you freedom when it comes to timing, recipes or content, because no one knows your community as well as you :)

In addition to your enthusiasm for low-carbohydrate and high-protein food and cooking as well as our Locawo products, you should be active on at least one social media platform such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Tiktok and Co and have at least 500 followers there. It is also important to share new content regularly.

On you have transparent access to your code redemptions, affiliate clicks, sales and of course your collected commissions at any time via your customer account. The current commission level you are at will also be shown to you. You get insights into when there were particularly many redemptions and clicks, so that you can understand how your community reacts to certain promotions or Locawo products, for example.
We value a long-term partnership. As long as it suits both sides and the collaboration is enjoyable, there is no direct time limit, but termination is possible from both sides.
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