Locawo Sugarwonder table sweetener - a new sugar alternative

Are you fed up of constantly having to forgo your favorite sweets just because you want to avoid sugar? Welcome to Locawo table sweetener - the sweet solution for everyone who wants to avoid sugar without giving up enjoyment! Imagine: a sweet life without the annoying calorie bombs. Sounds like a dream, right? With our products, this dream becomes reality.

1:1 Can be used like sugar

The first thought when it comes to sugar alternatives is often: "Does it really taste the same?" We at Locawo say: "Yes, it does!" Our Sugarwonder table sweeteners can be used 1:1 like sugar. This means you can use the same amounts without having to do complicated conversions. Whether you sprinkle a spoonful of sugar in your coffee, tea or over your muesli - with Locawo everything stays the same as usual, only healthier!

Ideal for baking, cooking & Sweetening

Why should only drinks and snacks benefit from our sweet revolution? Our Locawo sugar alternatives are perfect for baking, cooking and of course for sweetening. Whether cakes, cookies, jams or dressings - you can keep all your favorite recipes while reducing the calories. Think of your famous chocolate cookies, which are now not only delicious but also figure-friendly. With Locawo you can enjoy your sweet creations without having to feel guilty.

50% fewer calories than sugar

The best comes last: Locawo table sweets have 50% fewer calories than conventional sugar! That means twice as much enjoyment with half as many calories. Perfect for anyone who wants to watch their figure but doesn't want to miss out on the sweet taste. Our products are not only ideal for overweight people, but for everyone who wants to live a healthier lifestyle.

Sugerwonder: Crystalline table sweetener

Sugerwonder is the perfect crystalline table sweetener for everyone who loves the classic taste of sugar but wants to avoid calories and negative health effects. This fine-grained, white sweetener is ideal for baking, cooking and sweetening drinks. Experience the wonderfully sweet note in your desserts, cakes and drinks - without any regrets. Unlike many other sugar alternatives, which often have an icy or bitter aftertaste, Sugerwonder impresses with its completely natural taste. And the best thing: With Sugerwonder you can even whip up meringues, cook a delicious caramel sauce or make a fluffy sponge cake - just like with conventional sugar!

Powder Sugarwonder: Powdery table sweetener

For anyone who prefers a delicate, powdery consistency, Locawo offers Powder Sugarwonder. This fine, snow-white table sweetener is perfect for dusting pastries, as an ingredient in light creams and for preparing fine desserts. Enjoy the velvety sweetness that unfolds wonderfully on the tongue and gives your creations a heavenly sweet touch. Unlike many other powdered sugar alternatives, which often have an unpleasant aftertaste, Powder Sugar Wonder tastes like regular sugar. This means you can bake with the security of pure sugar - perfect for your cakes, pies and desserts.

Gelling Sugarwonder 1:2: gelling sugar alternative

The gelling sugar alternative Gelling Sugarwonder 1:2 has been specially developed for your jams and jellies. This sweet alternative in a 1:2 ratio allows you to conjure up fruity delicacies with less sugar but still more intense sweetness. Look forward to the full, fruity taste of your homemade jams, which impress with the perfect balance of sweetness and fruitiness. Unlike other sugar alternatives, which often have a very short shelf life, Gelling Sugar Wonder ensures that your jam lasts just as long as conventional jam with sugar. This means you can enjoy your fruity delicacies without worry - even after opening.


Why should I choose Locawo? Locawo offers you the opportunity to enjoy sweet things without the negative effects of sugar. With 50% fewer calories and 1:1 usability like sugar, you can satisfy your sweet tooth without making any compromises. With Locawo Sugarwonder it is possible to whip up meringues, cook a caramel or make fluffy sponge cakes, which is not possible with common sugar alternatives such as erythritol, xylitol and others.

How does Locawo taste compared to regular sugar? Our customers unanimously say: No difference! The taste of Locawo table sugar is so similar to that of sugar that you won't notice the difference.

Can I use Locawo in all recipes? Yes, you can! Locawo is versatile and perfect for baking, cooking and sweetening all your favorite dishes.

Is Locawo also suitable for diabetics? Yes, our table sweeteners are also suitable for diabetics because they do not affect blood sugar levels as much as normal sugar. Nevertheless, we recommend discussing this with your doctor beforehand.


Locawo Sugarwonder table sweeteners are the perfect solution for anyone who wants to enjoy something sweet without having to accept the negative consequences of sugar. With 50% fewer calories, easy 1:1 usability and versatility in the kitchen, our table sweets offer the ideal way to lead a healthier lifestyle without giving up sweet pleasure. So, what are you waiting for? Try Locawo and discover a new, sweeter world!

Now it's your turn: Treat yourself to sweet freedom with Locawo and enjoy your life to the fullest!